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Location, location, location. You must’ve heard that before. But that’s because, much of the time, that’s what real estate is all about. And never is it more true than when you’re buying a home. As a Real Estate Agent and Certified Home Inspector, I have the local knowledge, skills and experience to help you through the buying process. From property hunting and price negotiations to mortgage offers and legal paperwork, I’ll help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. Your dream home is waiting and I can’t wait to help you find it.

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Be it a seller or buyer, a home inspection may be the most critical step in the home buying process. For a home buyer, an inspection provides complex, invaluable information pertaining to the condition of the home, ensuring that your prospective investment is the right fit for you. For a seller, an inspection can quickly and effectively determine major and minor defects that can be corrected prior to listing your home so as to pave the way for a smoother negotiation and potentially, a higher sale price.

​When you work with Alex, you will be guided in the right direction from day one regarding the condition of your current or prospective investment as he is not only a market guru, but also a Certified Home Inspector. Since most agents do not possess this qualification, they are unable to provide the most accurate insight on the performance and status of your prospective home. Alex is highly educated in this field to be able make professional recommendations on concerning defects prior to you pulling the trigger on a home purchase. Although he is not permitted to perform the official home inspection for  your transaction, the days of apprehensive offer making are over. You can have more confidence in an offer placed on your dream home or investment property without having a single doubt in mind. Rather than waiting for the general home inspection to unveil potentially deal-breaking defects, you will now have a much better idea about the performance of your home prior to submitting your first and final offers. Unlike many agents, and whether your are a seller or buyer, Alex possesses the expertise to "go to bat" for you during the negotiation process to ensure that your home is the right fit for you.

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Although the buyer is free from having to pay a commission, there are several, additional costs that come with the sale of a home, such as title, escrow, inspection, and lender fees. Because of this, a home buyer will end up paying around 2% - 4% of the purchase price in what is known as closing costs. Fortunately, these fees can easily be offset by receiving 1% back from the purchase price of your home via a rebate from Alex's commission (subject to lender approval). With home prices and the cost of living on the rise, it is Alex's great pleasure to not only provide home buying expertise but to minimize the financial responsibility that comes with it.

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